A little bit...

About Me


I caught the photography bug early and was drawn to photography and art from childhood. Now, years later, I’m married to the man of my dreams, which led to me to settle in Derby. I’m still as passionate about photography and understand what it feels like to be on both sides of the camera.

I’ve never managed to put the camera down and get a ‘proper job’. In 1997 after finishing school and 3 years of photographing people and places around the world I got my first photography job, in my native Copenhagen at the national paper Berlingske Tidende in. What followed was a first class honours degree in photography and an additional year studying photography at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia. Before setting up for myself in 2005, I gained a good deal of industry experience by working for photographers in Derby and Nottingham.

Photography is a big part of my life, and probably a bit of an obsession (when it comes to wedding photography as well as my personal work). I just love capturing those split second expressions, families coming together, the perfect dress, the unfolding of the wedding day. In my day to day life, it’s the little unique moments like a toddler’s face covered in chocolate, a set of muddy twins digging up worms, or the fresh new cherry blossom against a crisp blue sky. My work is about capturing those precious moments, big or small, that pass by so quickly, so we can bring them back in years to come and remember the feelings and happy times.

I love meeting new couples, finding out who they are while talking weddings and photography. It is a huge privilege and joy to share these exciting times and step into your world for this one very important day. I will never stop feeling grateful and incredibly lucky.